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Verna Springs Goa Address: Quelossim, Goa, 403710, India

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There is a part of Goa that is not as famous as its coastline but just as mesmerizing, if not more. It is hard to think of this Indian state without a picture of beaches coming to mind. However, the forested parts of Goa have some lesser-known waterfalls. Verna Springs is one such waterfall that rarely finds mention in the regular tourist’s itinerary, but it is worth exploration.

About Verna Springs

Verna Springs is located in the tropical forests in the South Goan village of Quelossim. Part of Mormugao district, this waterfall is also known as Kesarval Spring Verna Waterfall. Known for its therapeutic properties, the area that this waterfall is located in has the status of a nature preserve.

Verna Springs flow from the Verna Plateau and are accessible after crossing a bridge that goes over the Zuari River. This secluded waterfall is one of the best kept secrets of South Goa. The waters are thought to have medicinal properties and the monsoon ensures that its volume swells in that season.

Some of the visitors to Kesarval Spring Verna Waterfall who know about the healing nature of the falls, come here just to improve the condition of their skin, eyes and other bodily ailments. Bathing is highly preferred here.

What to Do Along Verna Springs

Kesarval Spring Verna Waterfall is a nice spot for a number of activities as listed below:

1. Hiking: Since Verna Falls lies in the middle of woods, it is possible to enjoy a light trek in the surroundings. There are a number of hiking trails that you can follow and give a moderate workout to your body. In fact, if you reach the waterfall at the end, it will be rewarding!

2. Bathing: The fresh waters of Verna Springs collect into a pool at the bottom. You can either stand under the falls and enjoy your bath or simply soak in the rejuvenating pool and let its waters heal your body. Remember to be careful with your step though. It can be quite slippery down there. Also, if you lose your balance, a fall can even hurt you if you hit a rock.

3. Wildlife Sighting and Birdwatching: Nature enthusiasts who like fauna just as much as they like flora will surely enjoy their time at this waterfall and the forest that surrounds it. You will easily find squirrels and monkeys on your way as you walk around the woods. For birding, it is better to carry a pair of binoculars.

You can even bring a DSLR with appropriate lenses to photograph the birds. For the animals, a simple phone camera will do the trick. When it comes to photography, the environment is also a good subject that complements the animals and birds that you might be keeping an eye out for.

How to Reach Verna Springs

You can reach Kesarval Spring Verna Waterfall in various ways as mentioned hereafter:

By Air: If you fly into the Manohar International Airport in Mopa, it will take you 1 hour to cover the 51 kilometers to get to this waterfall. The distance from the Dabolim Airport is 15 km and it takes around 25 minutes from there.

By Train: 18 km away, the nearest railway station to Vernal Springs is Madgaon Railway Station. It will take around half an hour to reach the falls from there.

By Bus: The nearest bus stop to Kesarval Springs is Kesarval Gardens Bus Stand which is only 350 meters away. If you are arriving in Goa by an outstation bus at the Panaji KTC Bus Stand, you can directly take a cab or catch a local bus to Kesarval Gardens which is 19 km away and a 40-minute local bus ride.

By Car: Contact one of the top car rental companies in Goa if you wish to drive to this waterfall. Please note that you will have to hike to the actual waterfall as vehicles cannot reach there.

By Bike or Scooty: If you are comfortable riding a bike or a scooty, it is very handy to rent one. You will have to park your two-wheeler at a distance from Verna Falls though. The final part of the journey can only be done on foot.

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