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Goa is a land of multiple water bodies. While its seaside is the most famous, this Indian state is home to a few rivers as well. Chapora River is one such water body that flows in North Goa, separating Bardez and Pernem – two administrative districts in the state.

About Chapora River

Chapora River originates in Ramghat which is located in the state of Maharashtra – the northern neighbor of Goa. The tributaries Tillari River, Calna River and Anjuna River contribute to the waters of Chapora which flows along a total length of 21 km.

Chapora River has some significance in history too. In the 18th Century A.D., this river acted as a boundary between India and the area of Goa controlled by Portugal. There are a number of bridges that cut through Chapora and connect different parts of Goa.

This river drains into the Arabian Sea and this confluence can be observed from the top of Chapora Fort in Vagator where the estuary is visible. Right across Chapora River at its mouth is the Goan village of Morjim.

Named after this river is a sandy beach – Chapora Beach. However, it is not just sand that you will come across when you stroll here. You are likely to find small stones, gravel and pebbles as well. This is expected as the beach is lined by a river and not the sea. The gush of Chapora River also aids in shaping these tiny stones and rounding out their edges.

What to Do Along Chapora River

There are a number of interesting activities that will let you explore this river in its fullness. Take a look at some of the options you have:

1. Kayaking: Kayaking is a water sport activity that can be performed either solo, as a couple on a double kayak or even more than two people, if the kayak is long enough. Irrespective of how many people sit in the kayak, its elongated and narrow shape does not allow more than one person to sit breadthwise.

You will be required to sit at the level of the boat and spread your legs forward to position yourself comfortably in the kayak. You can steer the kayak with the help of paddles and coordinate the direction of rowing with your partner.

Kayaking along the Chapora River can be rewarding as you will come across a number of villages along the way. Kayaks can be rented for various durations and you can even explore the entire length of the river.

2. Flyboarding: One of the newer adventure sports to enter the scene, flyboarding gives you the exhilarating feel of flying over the river for 10 to 15 minutes. Your feet will be strapped onto the flyboard and you will be secured with a safety jacket and helmet.

With the help of a cold water jetpack, your entire frame will be propelled above the river. You will need good upper body strength and strong core muscles to balance well on the flyboard. Nevertheless, it is fun to dive back into the water, only to come back up again.

Priced upwards of INR 2,500 per person, flyboarding can be attempted by enthusiasts who are 12 years and older. It is possible to enjoy this water adrenaline sport round the year.

3. River Cruise in a Houseboat: Houseboat cruises are not only available in the South Indian state of Kerala but also in Goa. Lasting 3 hours to an entire night, these trips are perfect for couples and families who wish to take it slow and find mangroves along the route of the Chapora River.

Daytime houseboat cruises are priced at INR 2,800 per person while overnight cruises on the Chapora River cost INR 12,500 at least. These boat rides operate from October to April only, when the weather is pleasant. Double decker houseboats give you the additional advantage of a vantage point to get a better view of the surroundings.

You can expect lunch and teatime beverages such as coffee or tea during the daytime cruise while the nighttime cruise offers evening tea, dinner, the option to buy drinks onboard, local breakfast and lunch. You can even try your hand at fishing and have your catch cooked for lunch!

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