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Aguada Beach Goa Address: Aguada Fort Area, Candolim, Goa, 403515, India

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Goa is blessed with so many beaches that it becomes hard to choose where to stay, where to visit and which ones to skip. Aguada Beach in North Goa is one such beach that is not often talked about but is significant for the Aguada Fort that sits there.

About Aguada Beach

Aguada Beach is a sandy beach in the Aguada Fort area, but it interestingly has a number of rocks – not a common sight on the beaches of Goa. It is for this reason that this beach is also known as ‘Aguada Rocky Beach’.

While the waters of this beach are very clean, you cannot swim here. There are lifeguards who watch over the shoreline and warn against bathing or swimming on Aguada Beach. Due to the rocky nature of the beach, you will also not find any water sport options here.

What to Do at Aguada Beach

This rocky and sandy beach enjoys a unique position in Goa, with 3 sides facing the water. When you visit Aguada Beach, you can indulge in a number of activities as shared below:

1. Stop by the Lighthouse: There is a lighthouse that is not far from Aguada Rocky Beach. Open on all days of the week from 10 AM to 5:30 PM, this lighthouse can be entered upon the payment of an entry fee. However, once you get to the top, the view of the Arabian Sea makes it worth the money and effort.

2. Soak in the Sunset: It is hard to think of some beach time without thinking of sunset in the same breath. Aguada Beach too offers a delightful location to witness the sun setting slowly over the ocean and turning the sky orange. The evening tide picks up volume as the day wears on, and it is soothing to hear the sound of the waves crashing against the nearby Aguada Fort.

3. Explore Aguada Fort: Dating back to 1612, Aguada Fort looks right over Aguada Rocky Beach. If you ever wish to see the beach without getting sand in your toes, a stroll along the ramparts of the fort will serve your purpose. This 17th-century fort flaunts Portuguese architecture.

‘Aguada’ literally translates to ‘watery’ in Portuguese, and this name is apt for the fort because there is a freshwater spring within the fort walls. Around 400 years ago, this freshwater spring took care of the hydration needs of the vessels that docked here.

In fact, the lower part of Aguada Fort functioned as a dock until the 19th century for all the Portuguese ships that came here. This fort was essentially built to protect the area from any invasion by the Dutch. Getting to Aguada Fort requires walking over the slippery rocks of Aguada Beach for around 2 km.

4. Cycle Around the Beach: It may not sound like a very popular thing to do at a beach, but cycling can be really fun on Aguada Rocky Beach. However, you will need a good bicycle with strong tyres that can easily go over the pebbles scattered everywhere.

5. Camp near the Rocky Beach: Not too far from Aguada Beach is a campsite where you can set up your own tent and spend the night in the arms of nature. It is quite safe to camp out alone in this area as there are no wild animals in this area.

It is important to take note of the weather before selecting the type of tent you will set up though. If it is windy, you will need to affix your tent well with the help of pegs that are hammered to the ground.

In case of a rainy day, you will need a fully waterproof tent with an additional cover that can offer double protection from any possible downpours. Make sure to carry a torch with you as there will be no electricity there.

Needless to say, a fully-charged phone and a powerbank are also important as you will not have any charging facility inside your tent. When it comes to using the restroom, you will have to make nature your best friend and find a tree.

How to Reach Aguada Beach

You can reach Aguada Rocky Beach, which is located in the Candolim area, in a number of ways as listed below:

By Air: If you fly into the Manohar International Airport in Mopa, it will take you 1 hour to cover the 38 kilometers to get to this beach. The distance from the Dabolim Airport is almost 50 km but it takes the same time of around 1 hour from there.

By Train: 25 km away, the nearest railway station to Aguada Beach is Thivim Railway Station. It will take around 50 minutes to reach the beach from there.

By Bus: The nearest bus stop to the beach is the Panaji KTC Bus Stand which is 13 km away. If you are arriving in Goa by an outstation bus, you can directly take a cab to Aguada Rocky Beach which is a 30-minute ride.

By Car: Reach out to one of the top car rental companies in Goa if you wish to comfortably reach the beach without any hassles.

By Bike or Scooty: You can alternatively ride a bike or a scooty as it is quite easy to rent one. It is important to bring your two-wheeler license if you will be the main rider. One helmet is usually provided by the rental agency.

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