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Palolem Beach Goa, India (Location, Activities, Night Life, Images, Facts & Things to do)
Palolem Beach Goa (courtesy: manfredsommer02)

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Palolem Beach Goa Address: Canacona, South Goa District, Goa, 403702, India

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Palolem Beach Goa Timings

Day Timing
Monday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Tuesday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Wedesday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Thursday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Friday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Saturday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Sunday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
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Palolem Beach is one of the lesser-explored, exotic and postcard-perfect beaches of Goa. It offers both relaxation and adventure. You walk right into paradise, with warm sunshine and fresh breeze, lined by palm fronds.

The beach is dotted with elegant bamboo huts, colourful shacks and thatched restaurants. Every element here adds to the beauty of Palolem Beach Goa. It’s largely unspoiled.

You can enjoy spectacular sea views or sip a Colada lounging on the beach. And if you’ve had enough of it, indulge in the numerous water activities at Palolem Beach. You can take a boat trip along the backwaters or go dolphin spotting. Hiring a kayak is also an option.

Palolem is among the best beaches in Goa to enjoy a carefree and wild holiday. It’s ideal for families as well as party-loving backpackers.

Where is Palolem Beach in Goa?

Palolem Beach is a white sand paradise in South Goa, in Canacona area. It’s the ideal place to find some solace away from the city crowd. Palolem Beach Canacona is known for its calming vibes. And you can always enjoy authentic Goan delicacies relaxing under the palms.

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Things to do at Palolem Beach

1. Dolphin spotting – The dolphin cruise is the highlight of Palolem Beach in Goa. The surrounding waters have many isolated areas where you can find pods of dolphins. Go for an early morning Palolem Beach dolphin trip to watch wild dolphins frolicking in the open sea.

2. Enjoying water activities – The beach offers many fun-filled water activities to enjoy. Activities like speed boat rides, jet skiing and parasailing are available here. Kayaking and scuba diving are other Palolem Beach water sports you can try. The beach is also ideal for swimming.

3. Watching magical sunsets – Palolem Beach sunset is another experience you must not miss. The evening sky and scenery set up a comforting mood at the end of the day. You can enjoy your coffee or cocktail in a Palolem Beach cafe, with live music in the background.

4. Exploring backwaters – A boat cruise on the backwaters is another exciting activity near Palolem. A network of canals is present beside the beach. It’s an enticing experience for bird lovers, too. You can go boating amidst the greenery and small rocky islands.

5. Doing yoga on the beach – Palolem Beach in South Goa is a well-known place for yoga and meditation. You have many options to check out, from leisure yoga retreats to professional yoga classes. And you can practice alone on the beach if you aren’t attending yoga classes.

6. Taking Ayurvedic massages – Beachside Ayurvedic spas are also popular around Palolem. You can treat yourself to a relaxing ayurvedic massage at reasonable prices.

7. Shopping near the beach – You’ll find many souvenirs to shop for in the lively market near Palolem Beach. The stores have many things, like dream catchers, wall hangings and tapestries. Tibetan handicraft items, beach dresses and seashell jewellery are also available in the shops.

8. Visiting nearby places – Nature has more things to offer in South Goa than just Palolem Beach. Some of the popular destinations nearby are Butterfly Beach, Patnem Beach and Monkey Island. Then, you can also explore DudhSagar Waterfalls and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary.

9. Experiencing Palolem Beach nightlife – Palolem is for chill parties and night DJs in a shower of colours and lights. It has a silent disco, too. Even the view of Palolem Beach at night is attractive. You can have dinner in one of the shacks or just lie down watching the starry sky.

10. Staying at a beach resort – Palolem Beach Goa has many beach-front cottages, huts and resorts for you to stay in. Waking up to the sea view, to the sound of crashing waves, is the best experience you can have on a beach holiday.

Palolem Beach Timings and Entry Fees

Palolem Beach is open throughout the year, and you don’t need to pay any fee for entry. The best time to visit it is during the winter season. From November until February, you can enjoy pleasant weather during your stay. You can visit Palolem Beach during monsoon, also.

You can easily spend 2-3 hours at Palolem Beach. Go during the evening hours to witness the sunset and the happy hours.

How to reach Palolem Beach Goa?

Palolem Beach distance from Margao railway station and bus terminal is about 40 km. And the distance from Palolem Beach to the airport in Dabolim is 64 km. And here are the different ways to reach Palolem Beach in Goa –

By bus – You can take a bus to the Canacona bus stand nearby. From there, you can take an auto-rickshaw to the beach. It’s only 3 km away.

By bike – Bikes and mopeds are available for rent in many parts of Goa. You can get one for a few hours and explore the area around Palolem.

By taxi/cab – Taxis are the most convenient way to visit Palolem Beach. Alternatively, you can hire a cab from the top car rentals in Goa for your entire holiday and explore all the popular tourist places of Goa.

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