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Mandovi River Cruise Address: Chorao, Goa, 403001, India

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Day Timing
Monday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Tuesday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Wedesday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Thursday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Friday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Saturday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
Sunday 12:00 am – 12:00 am
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While most tourists know Goa as a place of seawater, this state also has large amounts of freshwater flowing through it. Of all the rivers that flow in the smallest state of India, Mandovi holds a special importance.

Mandovi river is not just popular as a source of freshwater fish but also as a venue for leisure activities such as cruises.

About the Mandovi River

Also known as Mahadayi River, Mandovi River originates from the Western Ghats and meets the Arabian Sea. Spanning a total length of 81 km, this river has a basin area of 3,612 square kilometers. The average discharge of the Mandovi River is 200 metric cubes per second.

Types of Cruises available on Mandovi River

There are different types of cruises that you can enjoy along the River Mandovi which is also called Mhadei. Each type has its own timing, charm and a unique aspect of the river that it allows you to relish. Take a look at some of the cruising options:

Dolphin Cruise

Typically priced around INR 300 per person, a dolphin cruise on the Mandovi River lasts for 1 hour. The main aim of this cruise is to sight dolphins. Different species of these cetaceans can be spotted in Goa.

Thanks to the friendly nature of dolphins, many will even come near your cruise boat to offer you a closer look at them. You will mostly find dolphins swimming together in pods and leaping rhythmically in and out of the water.

Along with dolphin spotting, the cruise will give you a glimpse of Portuguese architecture as you sail along the coastline and get a view of the Light House, Fort Aguada and Millionaire’s Palace from the water.

Sunset Cruise

Lasting from 60 to 90 minutes, sunset cruises in the Mandovi River are one of the most romantic things to do if you are traveling as a couple. The cost of a sunset cruise starts from INR 500 per person for the 1-hour cruise and increases as per the duration.

Apart from the chance to catch the sunset from the water, you can also get a glimpse of some of the sightseeing places in Goa that are located along the shoreline. Most cruise boats are equipped with a dance floor so you can dance to the beats of the live DJ and groove to the music.

Some of these cruises also have a cultural performance onboard. Often, Goan folk dances are performed by trained artists. Some of the cruise boats have two decks and separate areas for air-conditioned seating. You may even have access to a bar counter to order your own drinks from.

Many cruise providers along the Mandovi River offer discounted rates for children. Some also let children under the age of 5 experience the cruise for free. This cruise usually starts at around 5:30 PM or 6 PM.

Dinner Cruise

Dinner cruises on the Mandovi River generally last for 2 to 3 hours. Beginning at 8:30 PM or 9 PM, some of these cruises go on until midnight or even past it. The package usually includes a selection of welcome drinks, starters, the main dinner and some dessert.

Apart from the food, the dinner cruise has activities such as karaoke where you can sing live along with the background music and even have lyrics that you can follow. Music and live DJ are a given as the mood they aim to set is that of a party.

Bollywood songs are played along with live performances of Goan folk dancers on some cruises. A well-managed dinner cruise also engages its passengers through games and other interactive activities.

Dinner cruises are a great way to see Goa at night and admire its skyline which is lit in fancy colors. Some of the cruise boats too are decorated in neon lights so as to glow in the dark and offer good pictures in the dark backdrop of the night. Dinner cruises are priced upwards of INR 1,000 for children and INR 1,500 for adults.

Casino Cruise

The Mandovi River is so long that a number of bridges go over it. This river connects a number of islands that form the entire state of Goa. The route of the river also passes by some of the famous casinos such as Deltin Royale and Casino Carnival.

You can sign up for a river cruise that specifically follows the casino route and get a glimpse of the dazzling exteriors of these gambling houses. There are 10 on-shore casinos and 6 off-shore ones in Goa.

Majestic Pride is one such offshore casino that sits right on the Mandovi River. Located inside a vessel that does not sail, a visit to this gambling house will give you all the thrill of the Goan nightlife without the experience of an actual cruise.

The cruise boats that essentially act as casinos offer jackpot slot machines and games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, andarbahar, mini flush and paplu. Food and drinks are available all night on these casino cruise boats along the Mandovi River.

Yacht Cruise

In Goa, you can cruise not only on regular boats and houseboats but also on luxury yachts. Yachting on the Mandovi River is a unique experience as you can charter the yacht all to yourself and indulge in some water activities such as island hopping, swimming, kayaking and even snorkeling and diving.

Prices for yacht cruises usually begin at INR 2,000 per person or INR 20,000 for the entire vessel. This price sometimes also includes wine and some food onboard. If you would rather charter a catamaran, you will be paying upwards of INR 1,000 per person.

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